How To Join Ladies of The Heart
LOTH Application

Membership Application Process

STEP #1: Please read over the following application process before you fill out our application.

STEP #2: The requirements to join Ladies of the Heart are: (a) At least 18; (b) female; (c) members need to be actively involved within our many projects, programs and fun things to do! (see #3 below)

STEP #3: Section III in our application lists activities for our members. Please review this carefully and sign up where you would like to help out and participate in. All of our members will be working together, networking and participating in some aspect of LOTH. Due to life changing on us some of the things may not be in use at this time but your interstes wil be saved on teh membership database.

STEP #4: Once your application is processed, you will receive a Welcome Letter from our President, Phyllis. Phyllis will forward information on to Our Welcome Wagon Staff to get you included in LOTH events and activities. You will be registering for our LOTH Forums - our international & regional meeting place, with many activities for you to take part in as part of your LOTH Experience. We are also on Facebook where you can join us also.

STEP #5: Please note the following important information regarding your membership:

  • Membership Changes: If you change your Email address, address or any other information, we request our members please go here.

  • Bounced Emails: Members who have bounced email addresses will automatically be resigned after 3 consecutive months of "bouncing", and will need to reapply.

  • Inactivity: Members who are inactive for 3 months will automatically be resigned, and need to reapply in our organization.

STEP #7: If you would like to become a member of our organization, please make sure you have read over the information above, then please find us on Facebook.

Thank you for your interest in Ladies of the Heart!



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