Our Charter

The Charter of the Ladies of the Heart is really very simple. It has come about from a need to network and to connect with others on the World Wide Web, from all points of the globe. We are a group of creative Ladies who have come together to be able to share ideas, communicate our support for each other, and to help those who might need encouragement to follow their hearts, and make their dreams come true. We are not a 'Social Club' but rather a uniquely Non Profit Organization that encourages women to be the best that they can be.

Ladies of the Heart can be a wonderful support and networking tool for its' members, whether it is to get help for an idea one might have for web design, a personal call for help and support, a prayer for a friend or praise for a 'job well done'. Many of us have seen the Power of the Internet, and the connection of those who only wish to help another in need. That is what is hoped to be created here, and it is open to any who hold the same principles dear to their hearts.

There are just a few guidelines that are put forth in this Charter, that every member will be expected to honor and uphold:

  • Any "Lady" can be a member of Ladies of the Heart, although there is a minimum age limit at this time. You must be at least 18 years of age, and be willing to agree with the Charter and the Creed as you find here on this web site. Sorry, no males allowed (or we couldn't call ourselves Ladies of the Heart.).

  • If you have a web site, it cannot have any offensive, illegal or pornographic material on it. You can be a member of Ladies of the Heart if you don't have a web site, and be listed by your email address only, if you wish.

  • When you submit your request to become a member of Ladies of the Heart, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified by email. At the time of acceptance, you are then welcome to add the Ladies of the Heart logo graphic to your site, with a link to this web site.

It shouldn't have to be stated that fair, just and loving treatment to each other is the expected norm of behavior. However, in the event there is ever any upsetting situation that occurs, and a member has been mistreated by another, there will be a Grievance Committee to bring the "complaint" to. They will review the situation to determine what action(s) might need to occur to help resolve the situation. This will be handled quietly, and between the *involved parties* only. There will be no rumor-spreading or back-stabbing, or all those involved will be asked to discontinue their membership with Ladies of the Heart. There will be no public humiliation in any case whatsoever.

For more information on our Grievance Committee and to review the process, please click here.

Please feel free to submit any suggestions or ideas you might have to help make Ladies of the Heart a positive experience for all who are a part of it. Just send your ideas to us, via email, and they will be considered for inclusion. Your feedback and participation are needed, and very much appreciated. Together we can make this place a beautiful haven of safety, fun, and learning.

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